Summer Essentials


Well folks it’s finally that time of year, SUMMER! A season full of road trips, camping, hiking, boating, swimming, exploring and relaxing. Though we may be spending it differently, I think we can all agree that summer vacation is never long enough!

Here at Bedford’s we want to help you capture and enjoy every moment of your sunny season! This week we took some time to gather up a list of essential accessories you need for the summer!


1. Arkansas Waterfalls Guidebook (Second Edition) $22.95

This guidebook from Tim Ernst features all the info you need to find more than 200 spectacular waterfalls and cascades in “The Natural State.” Each waterfall listing contains a map, color photo of the falls, GPS coordinates, height measurement, hike difficulty rating, plus detailed descriptions of how to get to the trailhead and to the waterfall itself. Some of the waterfalls can be seen from your car, others can be reached by a short hike on an established trail, still others require a difficult bushwhacking hike through the wilderness to reach – all of this detailed and rated in the guidebook. There are 74 new waterfalls in this edition!

2. Think Tank Retrospective 30 Shoulder Bag $259.99

The exterior of the Retrospective shoulder bag is purposefully simple, and its sling strap makes it easy to grab and go on your summer adventures. The gray with brown leather Retrospective 30 Shoulder Bag from Think Tank is a discreet bag designed to carry up to two pro DSLRs in its two front expandable pockets and 2-4 lenses in the main compartment. The interior dividers are customizable to accommodate the gear you carry on any given day. Two collapsible nylon pockets are inside and are designed to hold a flash or other similar sized accessory.
The inside of the bag contains an organizer pocket that is perfect for a note pad, mic, phone, wallet, or any other miscellaneous item you want to bring along. The carry handle is removable and the shoulder strap contains some non-slip material to keep the bag stable while moving. There’s also a breathable cushioned pad along the strap to aid in positioning. For complete protection, there’s even a neat rain cover that can be rapidly deployed when the summer weather turns sour. All together, this bag is definitely worth toting!


3. Toshiba FlashAir 32GB SDHC Card $79.99 

This memory card is a must for your summer vacations! With the Toshiba FlashAir 32GB SDHC Card your photos and videos in the card can be easily shared to up to 7 devices (e.g. PCs, Macs, ultra books, tablets, smart phones) simultaneously, without the need for internet connection. It doesn’t require a computer, special driver or software installation. This makes it easy to access photos no matter where you are, and you can say good riddance to USB cables!

With the FlashAir card your vacation photos can be effortlessly transferred from your camera to your smart phone, making your social media game stronger than ever!

The FlashAir SDHC Card is compatible with most cameras.


4. Pelican i1015 Micro Case $39.99 

The Pelican i1015 Micro Case is everything one looks for in a phone case! It is water-resistant, crushproof, and dust proof! This copolymer polycarbonate case has a rubber liner for extra protection that doubles as an o-ring seal. Rest assured, nothing is getting past the Pelican! It has an external headphone jack that allows you to listen to your summer jams while the case is closed and it even has a built-in cable manager to hold those pesky earphones that always seem to end up in knots. It is designed to carry various smartphones (e.g. Apple iPhone or iPod touch, Blackberry Curve, Storm or Pearl, T-Mobile G1, Nokia 5800, E63, E71, E71, E75, N79 or N78 or similar size smart phone).

The Pelican case is a great preventative to not having to spend your sunny days  placing your phone in a bowl full of rice because you dropped it in water!

5. Lyrix JIVE Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker $11.99 

Now you can conveniently stream your favorite music wherever you are with the Lyrix JIVE Water Resistant Speaker. This water-resistant speaker allows you to enjoy music by the pool, in the shower, on the beach, or at the lake! It is powered by a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery which can go on and play audio for up to 12 hours. Recharging is easy via its micro USB port. Share the music you love via Bluetooth or through Line-In Audio Jack input for your non-Bluetooth music players. The speakers size makes it ultra-portable, while its design allows it to  generate impressive bass. Get this, you can even pair two of these speakers together to give you an optimum surround sound experience!

The Lyrix JIVE is a versatile, power-packed speaker that you can take with you anywhere, and is exactly what you need to play the soundtrack to your summer!


6. BlackRapid Wrist Strap $15.00 

Regular camera straps are great, but when summer heat hits they can become irritating. Wearing camera straps around your neck during the dog days can be sweaty, uncomfortable, and even leave awkward tan lines. However, you can avoid all of this by simply switching to a wrist strap!

The black Wrist Strap from BlackRapid is a tether-style, 9.4″ strap that allows you to hold your camera tightly in your hand without fear of it slipping out or being grabbed. Included with the strap is BlackRapid’s ConnectR that screws into the tripod socket of your camera and swivels for ease of use. For additional peace of mind, ConnectR includes a carabiner twist-lock on its gate. The strap is made from soft nylon webbing which makes it comfortable to hold.

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