Patrick Murphy-Racey: The Road to the Expo

Sony Artisan Patrick Murphy-Racey has seen a great variety of assignments since his start in newspapers, through the peak years of being a magazine freelancer, his tenure as a regular contributor to Sports Illustrated, and into the corporate and industrial world of annual reports and advertising. While his assignments are varied and come from many different sources, photojournalism is his first love and constantly informs every assignment. Ever the chameleon, Murphy-Racey’s career is a long series of reinventions and rebirths, but the visual storytelling remains the same, even as the tools change. From 4×5 to 4K, he’s technically inclined, and loves making great images. Patrick’s specialties include dramatic and creative use of strobe & LED lighting, sports action photography, environmental portraits, and powerful, welllit HD interview video production. PMR shoots both stills as well as motion and is always asking, “What’s next?”

His next stop is our Photo Expo 2016 this weekend in Little Rock, Arkansas where he will be one of our Keynote Speakers and we are thrilled to have him! We are glad to see Patrick is just as pumped for the Expo as we are.

I’m excited to be headed for Arkansas this Thursday to make new friends at Bedford’s Photo Expo 2016.  I’m looking forward to kicking things off with a spellbinding talk at 1pm on Friday afternoon.

Each time I get asked to speak about photography, I consider how blessed I am to have made my living making pictures for almost 30 years (started when I was 2).  I also think about the many people who have had significant impact on me as a shooter.  The list is long and begins with C. Zoe Smith who was my photojournalism professor who first introduced me to PJ.  I’ve gotten to work alongside talented photographers in WI, FL, AZ, and TN through the years, and learned a great deal from my many friends who have worked for Sports Illustrated.

I count myself fortunate to have opportunities to share what I know with the next group of shooters coming up.  I owe serious pay it forward stuff to the good folks in Arkansas this weekend.  I hope they take advantage of my being over there and suck me dry of what I have to offer.

Plus, who doesn’t like a road trip?  I LOVE to get out on the road, call friends, reach out, and listen to books as I roll back and forth up and down I-40 this weekend.”

If you are interested in hearing Patrick speak or attending the Expo find more info here.

Here are some example of Patrick’s fantastic photography, to view more from him check out his blog.

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