DIY Clothespin Fall Photo Display

Well folks it’s finally fall! The air is crisp, the smell of spices are in the air and vibrant colors are filling the trees! Fall has so many memory making opportunities with pumpkin and apple picking, hay rides, Halloween, football games, and family gatherings. Capture memories this Fall and then use them to deck the walls before you deck the halls!

Here is a cute and quick way to display your memories and the vibrant colors of Fall on your walls!untitled-0046-cx-copy


  • String/ twine
  • Clothespins
  • However many pictures you like
  • Leaves (optional)
  • Tacks/nails


  1. Find the place you want to display your fall photos and measure how long the string needs to be.
  2. Then take the string and cut it to that size. (reminder that you will need a little extra string leftover to allow it to drape)
  3. Take your photo and a clothes pin and clamp it on the string where you would like it. Then repeat for the rest of the photos.
  4. For a little spunk, add leaves in-between or around the photos for that perfect touch of fall.
  5. Lastly, hang up your decor!

TA-DA! You did it! Now sit back and enjoy your new wall decor.


If you enjoyed this tutorial or want more DIY’s comment below with your ideas! We would love to hear them!

Happy Fall Y’all!

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