4 Tips for Photographing Fourth of July Fireworks

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Want to know how to take flawless firework photos? With the Forth of July around the corner we thought we’d give you fireworks photography tips to make sure you capture every explosive moment!

Here are 4 tips for photographing your Fourth of July firework festivities:

1. Use a Tripod

Keep the camera as low to the ground as it can be on the tripod to keep the camera steady. Don’t extend the center column or legs. Also make sure it is not set up to where someone could trip over it.

2. Use Wireless Remote Release

Another way to make sure your camera is completely still while snapping images of fireworks is to use a remote release device. These devices vary from camera to camera, but most have some sort of remote release accessory. Although you can use the self timer built into your camera, it makes it difficult to be able to anticipate shots and is very hit and miss. The investment in a remote release is well worth it! Find remote release options here.

3. Shoot in Manual Mode

We found that the best results come from shooting in manual mode. Because you are shooting in low light auto focusing can be pretty tricky.

4. Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO

Due to the bright light fireworks put out, apertures set in the mid to small range often work well. This would be somewhere between f/8 to f/16.

Now onto shutter speed. To capture the majestic movements of fireworks you need a long exposure. If you have a ‘bulb’ mode on your camera you should opt to use it. Shooting in ‘bulb’ mode allows you to keep the shutter open as long as you hold down the shutter. When using this technique press the shutter right before you see the rockets red glare and hold it down until the bomb is done bursting in air.

For the cleanest shots of fireworks it is preferable to shoot at a low ISO. Set your ISO to 100 and you should be fine!

We hope these tips and tricks make your fireworks photographs really pop!

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