Protect Your Camera from Dust & Water

This image was taken on my first day of visiting the slot canyons.  Dust did in my primary camera despite my best efforts to keep it safe and clean it.  Here’s some suggestions to avoid the same result. The wind was blowing hard and fine fine dust was everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Although I use a weather resistant Canon 1DX II, it sucumbed to … Continue reading Protect Your Camera from Dust & Water

Miguel Quiles

Miguel Quiles is a commercial portrait & headshot photographer working out of New York City. He’s appeared on platforms such as Creative Live, WPPI, & Photo Plus. With over 17 years of experience in the photography industry Miguel is passionate about helping photographers achieve breakthroughs and reach new heights in their work. We are pleased to have Miguel Quiles as a speaker at this years Mid­-America Photography … Continue reading Miguel Quiles