5 Photo Tips for Photographing Fall Foliage

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Fall is in full swing! The pumpkins are on the porch, we’ve already eat those bags of candy we bought for “the trick-or-treaters”, and the trees are filling with color! It won’t be long before the leaves rain down and disappear for the winter, so get out there and capture the color!

Here are 5 Tips for Photographing Fall Foliage:

  1. Photograph in the Golden Hours.
    • The hours right around sunrise and sunset are called the golden hours. While fall foliage looks beautiful every hour of the day, there is just something about that golden soft light that comes in the morning and evening hitting the trees!shutterstock_110324081
  2. Polarize your lens!
    • Polarizers add contrast to your photos making all those vibrant colors really POP! Shop polarizers here.shutterstock_346989335
  3. Don’t Overlook Cloudy Days
    • Overcast days can be a blessing! It allows for softer shadows and keeps the sun from drowning out the colors. Foggy days are a real bonus!shutterstock_490614475shutterstock_396466117
  4. Get Creative With Angles
    • Change your perspective and go low, high or even shoot vertically in order to make your image come to life!  shutterstock_4926626655.  Use Composition Techniques
      • Rule of Thirds: The rule of thirds is an essential photography technique. It can be applied to any subject to improve the composition and balance of your images. The technique is applied by aligning a subject with the guide lines and their intersection points. shutterstock_227928607-copy
      • Find Lines: Finding lines, whether it’s the horizon, the placement of your subject, or like in this image a row of trees, helps add dimension to any photograph. shutterstock_349901606-copy2

Whatever you do, make sure to get outside and start shooting! The weather’s too nice and the leaves are too beautiful to miss!

From all of us here at Bedfords, Happy Shooting!

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