A Glimpse Through the Canon 5D Mark IV with Mike Cohen

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We asked Mike Cohen to test out the new Canon 5D Mark IV and give us a glimpse at what it is truly capable of and he didn’t dissapoint! Here are a sampling of shots using the 5D Mark IV during his last trip:


Alberta Falls: Alberta Falls is located within Rocky Mountain National Park and can be reached via an easy uphill hiking trail. This image is a composite of a shot metered for the sky, and another for the foreground. I arrived after spending the morning shooting elk so by the time I reached the falls there were plenty of people on the rocks. I removed them in Photoshop to avoid their distracting bright jackets.
Aspen Abstract: This was taken in Colorado along one of the County Roads near Ridgeway, Colorado. I zoomed the lens while exposing the picture then removed distracting elements and did some other post production work to enhance the colors and symmetry of the image.
Bugling Elk in Field: It was difficult to isolate the males as they were keeping track of their females or trying to attract those from another male’s herd. I liked the contrast of the elk against the grass in this field. I needed a higher ISO which the Mark IV handled well.
Lighthouse at Dawn: To get to the vantage point where this shot was taken requires wading through some salt water and risking splashes from the waves. This is a favorite spot of mine, close to home. I return to both sides of the inlet to shoot this lighthouse frequently. Here, I sued the bridge and lights, which are normally a distraction, as part of the composition.
Path through the Aspens: This was in a stand of aspens near Estes Park, Colorado. The prime colors had already passed and the wind was knocking down the leaves at a fast pace. As a result, the leaves decorated this path into the forest nicely.

To see more of Mike’s photography check out his website!

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