Protect Your Camera from Dust & Water

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This image was taken on my first day of visiting the slot canyons.  Dust did in my primary camera despite my best efforts to keep it safe and clean it.  Here’s some suggestions to avoid the same result.

The wind was blowing hard and fine fine dust was everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Although I use a weather resistant Canon 1DX II, it sucumbed to the conditions and had to be sent to Canon for repair.  Here’s what I suggest if you find yourself in a dusty or possibly wet environment:  If you don’t own some gaffer tape, get some.  You’ll find many uses and be glad you did. (Gaffer’s tape is like duct tape, but comes off much easier and usually doesn’t leave residue.)  Tear off some small strips and cover the seams of your card and battery compartments.  That’s where most of the dust got in.  It was caked with dust.  Dust was also around every button and the seal between the lens and the camera.  Next, take some clear wrap and wrap the camera lightly so you can still see and feel the controls.  Try to cover all the buttons and around the base of the lens where it connects to the camera.  I think with these steps I would have been largely immune to the dust and had no problems.  No reason why this wouldn’t protect against water as well.

Good luck,

Mike Cohen

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