Stuck on flashes? It’s a must to have in your camera bag, but finding the perfect one for your camera and your needs can be tricky. ProMaster offers a wide range of affordable flashes, and we’ve got the roadmap to guide you to the right one!

417pXqPFp1LPowerful and versatile, the ProMaster FL160 has the right combination of advanced features to get a perfect shot every time. Offering either fully automatic TTL or complete manual control, the FL160 gives you ultimate power and versatile creative control.41jTVwHuUrLCreative options with ease, the ProMaster FL120 lets you bounce the flash off of a ceiling or a reflector to get better coverage, softer shadows, and more natural- looking light. Perfect for portraits, sports, performances, and the holidays.FL100__58686.1388698671With three times more power, the ProMaster FL100 delivers the light you need to make colors pop. It’s perfect for kids’ sporting events, school performances, or special events at home.

Flash Road Map.jpg

View our full ProMaster product lineup here.


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