Promaster L Bracket Review

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An L Bracket is essential for tripod use out on the field. Read on for a review from customer and professional photographer Mike Cohen! Shop the full lineup of Promaster L Brackets here.

I always have an L bracket on my cameras for both protection and for the
ease of switching from landscape to portrait orientation when shooting from a tripod.  Having switched to Sony, I was having trouble finding an L
bracket that allowed easy access to the side compartment for remote triggers and other devices I use.  With some brackets, it was difficult to open the cover and even more difficult to get it out of the way so that the device could be fully seated.

The Promaster L Bracket for the Sony a7III, A7RIII, and a9 w/ Grip allows the user to position the bracket with space to reach the side compartments easily and the cover swings all the way free.  It is also significantly lighter than the other brackets I have tried. Additionally, Promaster engineered a notch allowing the strap ring clearance along the top of the bracket. It’s a great design and I look forward to using it for a long time to come!

Mike Cohen is a professional wildlife and outdoor photographer based out of Lighthouse Point, Florida. View more of his work on his website or follow his adventures on Instagram. All images Copyright Mike Cohen.

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