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Good Day!

Thought I’d share some exciting pre-trip news:
On assignment for Bedford Camera & Video in Tanzania with the Amazing Canon 1DX2. This is the ultimate camera for action, High Speed and High Iso Performance Barr NONE!! As many of you may know Bedford Camera & Video is your one-stop shopping store for all of your photography needs.
Having been a happy customer for more than 5 years now, I can emphatically echo there superior customer service, attention to details, and pricing! I most appreciate how Bedford has their customer’s back!!
After much research and speaking with other respected photographers… It’s time to offer another Photography Tour. Thought I’d share a bit about my upcoming Photographic Safari. Having Lead/CoLead tours to Costa Rica, Ecuador, and South FLA, it is no surprise that it’s time to kick it up a notch or two and recon Tanzania! So, as I pack for the trip, and make decisions on the gear in my kit, I thought it would be fun to share it with you
These trips are significantly restricted with your overall weight. Most outfits and tours only allow 15 kilos max for your entire baggage, including your camera gear. Unless you buy the XL seats(30 Kilos) on the inter-country Cessna Caravan Aircraft. ©Don HamiltonThat was my first purchase.
Another added bonus is the fact that my wife is joining me on this adventure as well, not to mention the added bonus of another Gura Backpack!! YIPPEE!
*Wink* *Wink*
As you review the gear selection, keep in mind that accidents & equipment failures happen, thus the need for me to have some overlap in focal lengths etc.
So what’s in Don’s bag? Let’s take a look! (forewarning, I am a Canon Shooter)
  1. Canon  1DX2 coupled with Canon 100-400mm II.
    • A badazz lethal combo for panning & wild action!
  2. Canon 1DX coupled with Canon 24-70mm F 2.8 II
    • For when the beasts are in your face!
  3. Canon 7D MK2 coupled with Canon 200-400mm+1.4 ext. superior focal length(320mm-896mm)
    • For those savanna prairie award winning shots.
  4. Canon 70-200mm II f 2.8
  5. Canon TeleExtender 1.4 III
    • Decided to leave my Canon 600mm II at home
    • The zoom and 1.4 EX capabilities of the Canon 200-400mm are the ticket for Tanzania.
  6. Canon 16-35mm F 4 II
  7. Canon IS Binoculars 10×42
  8. Sony RX100 III
    • Love this and the Sony A6300! The RX100 III is truly a killer pocket point and shot with superb AF tracking and Resolution.
    • If you haven’t checked into mirrorless yet, contact Sean at Bedford, as he is the mirrorless man.
  9. CF & SD card, 500GB backup self powered unit.
    • Saves a couple pounds vs a laptop
  10. Many, many, did I say MANY UDMA& CF cards, with FAST CF cards.
  11. GoPro Black Hero
    • Clamp it on rover and just let it run..
  12. Canon 580EXII Flash and Better Beamer.
    • As fill flash can be your best friend.
  13. Corresponding chargers with AC adapters & a 220 volt electrical strip
    • As the plugs are UK style.
  14. Ample lens cleaning cloths, all sealed in ziplock bags for dust control.
    • Clear XXLARGE Ziplocks to cover gear when not in use.
    • There biggest concern is for one to always be ready for “action” to break out, yet no be delayed with changing lens and filling your sensor with Tanzania’s DUST!! Thus the reason for camera lens combo all ready, with proper ISO, and setting..Remember that early and late sweet light is always changing. Also consider using Auto ISO in certain situations. Action never awaits you..
  15. Small travel carbon fiber tripod
    • For night Astro photography.
  16. Carbon Fiber Monopod with RRS head.
  17. Minimal clothing etc, laundry’s provided daily in higher-end lodges.
  18. Anti Malarial, and drugs for emergent situations as well.
  19. High Powered 1000 lumens flashlight, with the same Head Lamp.
  20. Polarized Filters, and Adjustable 1-10 stops
    • For damping lights and creating migration blurs as well.
Well that’s a start folks… I’ll try to ping into Bedford Daily with some updates, and images to share! Locked, Loaded and Ready for another Adventure. Did I tell you I’m Pumped???
I can’t wait to put the new Star of the Fleet..Canon 1DX2 to the test!!
Stay tuned and Good Shooting,
Don Hamilton

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