randy-bacon-5Randy Bacon is an American photographer with an extensive history in portrait, commercial and documentary photography, both motion and still. Residing in Springfield, Missouri, Randy has been shooting professionally since 1984 and is in high demand as a portrait, editorial and commercial shooter. He has built a strong local/regional client base and travels extensively to destinations across the United States, as well as, internationally for client projects.

At the core of Bacon’s work is the ability to present emotive visual stories with an underlying sense of narrative. His unique style reflects elements of influential film noir and old masters in painting and photography. However, after 30 years, this simple, yet complex, truth, “you were born an original”, is still the creative seed that continues to grow his artistry for photography and film.

After all these years of tending to this relationship between me and this thing called a camera, I am more passionate than ever about capturing the uniqueness and miracle of life.  I am in awe of how each person has a valid, inspiring story that has to be told, and that through these stories this world can be a better place – healing, empowerment and change can happen.

We are excited to have Randy speak about his photography and hear his talk titled “Dazzled by the Ones” at Photocon 2017 coming March 17-18 to the Tower Hotel in Oklahoma City, OK. Dazzled by the Ones will include stories of his humanitarian photography in action and explain the effect it has had. Randy has a strong belief in the power of stories of the ‘ones’ of this world. In 2015 he took a huge step of faith that resulted in cutting his commercial business in half to dedicate significant time, resources and talent to the launch and growth of the nonprofit story movement 7 Billion Ones.

Photocon 2017 will spotlight the exhibit “The Road I Call Home”, a large portrait gallery of the homeless, presented by 7 Billion Ones. We have featured a small portion of Randy’s work below:  

Click here to get the stories behind the photographs above and learn more about Randy Bacon’s work!


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