Tips for Fall Landscape Photography

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Autumn is here and it’s the prime time of year to get some stunning landscape shots. We’ve complied some quick tips to get you in the right mindset for the next time you go out exploring. Tag us in your shots with #BoughtItAtBedfords for a chance to be featured! 

1. Use a Longer Lens

The go-to landscape photograph is typically shot with a wide-angle lens. Try a telephoto lens and zoom in on the landscape. Instead of photographing an entire hillside, find a smaller scene and focus in on it.


2. Isolate the Subject with a Wide Aperture 

Some fall foliage is extra breathtaking and deserves to be the star of your photograph. Set your lens aperture as wide as it will go and zero in on a leaf or a tree to create some smooth depth of field. Background bokeh becomes even more interesting when it’s fall colors.



3. Wait for Interesting Lighting

The time of day and the light in your frame will completely change the mood of your photograph and can take an image from good to great. There’s always post-processing, but nothing can replace interesting natural light. Wait for golden hour to hit, wake up earlier than you planned, or experiment with the harsh afternoon sun.


4. Look for Patterns & Textures

The varying colors and brightness in a fall landscape provide a variety of patterns. Slow down and focus in on the interesting patterns and textures that you can frame.


5. Search for Color Contrast

Bright colors look even more stunning against a dark background. Search for opportunities to frame fall foliage against a darker subject to create a dramatic contrast. Some ideas include cliffs, rock formations, or even a body of water. As seen below, simply incorporating a shaded area provides some depth and contrast.


6. Look Up!

When in doubt, look up. Create a more interesting wide-angle photograph by capturing what’s above you. The blue sky can offer a great contrast to a canopy of autumn trees.


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