Read on for a guest blog from Don Hamilton on his recent trip to Tanzania. Polarizers are a must for outdoor excursions! Grab yours at

In preparation for my 2018 African Safari Photography tour, I had the chance to use and test drive a new polarizer filter. The Promaster HGX Prime CPL was just what the doctor ordered for those bright and hazy days in Tanzania.

First off, I was blown away by the safe-keeping storage container and the build quality. Over the years I have tried many different kinds of polarizers, where sometimes quality was less than stellar. The Promaster HGX Prime Circular Polarizer Filter is a high transmission filter, which attenuates less light than many of the normal “run-of-the mill” polarizers available today. This allows you to maintain higher shutter speeds without having to increase your ISO or open your aperture.

Non-Polarized. Hazy with lack of clarity & details.

The polarizer allowed me to accentuate the details in clouds and tame the harsh loss of details. Hands down a most valuable tool for your kit. Of course, ultra wide angle lenses don’t fare well with polarizers; however, with medium telephoto lenses they are a must in hazy and harsh conditions, leaving you with no warm and fuzzy image.

Most impressive is a proprietary coating that repels water and dust. I honestly did not believe the “wicked” dust of Tanzania could be tamed. I barely noticed any dust particles adhering, which was a welcome sight!

Follow along with Don’s adventures and view more of his work here. Don proudly gets his gear at



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